Our Services

Bartending Services

Our Bartending Services include:

  • The Bartender
  • Bartending Tools
  • Silver Trays and Ice Buckets for Professional bar presentation
  • Ice, up to 90 lbs
  • Coolers
  • Fruit Garnishes
  • Cocktail Napkins

Customer will need to provide:

  • Alcohol
  • Soft Drinks
  • Mixers
  • Ice for Beer Kegs*
  • Plastic Cups/ Glassware*
  • Separate Non-alcoholic Beverage Station

*We apologize, but we are unable to provide ice for beer kegs; the customer is responsible for keeping the keg(s) chilled. For parties over 50, a separate non-alcoholic beverage station is to be set up and maintained by the caterer or family. No larger than 9oz cups for wine or 12oz cups for other drinks. The customer will be expected to provide plastic cups or glassware.

Good as Gold does not provide alcohol, mixers, portable bars, drink menus, or glassware.    Our Bartenders will arrive at least one hour before your event to set up the bar and will stay after the event to clean up. Our professional Tulsa Bartenders will serve a variety of drinks able to be made from the alcohol you provide.

Cash Bar

Non-Profit organizations who book their event with Good as Gold and will have a cash bar may need to purchase a Special Events Liquor License from their state alcohol agency. These licenses usually cost around $55 and customers should apply for this license at least weeks in advance of the event.

Event Policies

In order to ensure a safe and responsible event, we strictly adhere to the following policies:

  • Guests are not allowed to serve their own alcohol. All alcohol will be under the care of and served only by the Good as Gold bartender
  • All guests who appear to be under the age of 30 will be required to present a valid photo ID to show proof of legal drinking age. Minors and guests without ID will not be served alcohol
  • Our Bartenders reserve the right to refuse service to anyone regardless of reason
  • All alcohol service will end at or before midnight (12:00 a.m.)
  • Open bottles of beer and champagne will be discarded at the end of the event if the event is held in a rented facility (not a residence) Unopened bottles will be packaged for transport away from the event. Since Good as Gold Party Services is responsible for all alcohol consumed at the event until it reaches the next destination, none may be given away before reaching the next destination. Whoever is designated to transport alcohol will be required to sign a release form.
  • One drink per visit, per guest.
  • It is company policy that no shots or multiple alcoholic drinks (i.e. long island iced tea) are to be served.

Minimum of 5 hours

$40/hour to include setup and cleanup time

Events providing more than 150 beers are required to utilize kegs or additional fees may incur

*add 20% gratuity if tip jar not allowed

Each bartender can serve approximately 100 people

Our fees are based on length of event and attendance of 200 guests or less.  For larger events and those lasting longer than 5 hours, additional fees will apply.  The Wedding Ceremony is included in event time when the Reception is held at the same venue.  There are increased rates for events held on holidays.

Payment is due the day of the event unless other arrangements have been made. We accept cash or check.

*Personal recommendations are available upon request*